Sales Consulting

You are unsatisfied with your sales results and want to change this situation!

If sales objectives are not achieved, it is absolutely necessary to determine the exact causes, as these can often not be identified in a short moment.

With AUDIT 360° I offer you an analysis method which up to 16 sales dimensions can be examined.

AUDIT 360° is particularly suitable for Sales Managers and companies that strive for significant improvements. Sales Managers who have taken on their tasks quickly get an overview and a current situation of the sales organization.

I am a licensed Sales Auditor of the German Institute for Sales Competence.

My services for you:

    1. AUDIT 360° Screening procedure for the sales organization + workshop
    2. The top management, sales management as well as the sales and office staff can be involved in the analysis. In the first step all participants answer an online questionnaire which is followed by a result report. Four success factors are examinated:
      • Sales direction
      • Organization
      • Employees
      • Leadership

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