Training and Coaching

Thanks to many years of experience, I am very well able to cover all of your training and coaching needs in the areas of management, sales and after sales services as well.

Training and coaching requirements arise in the context of regular personnel development but also through new tasks after restructuring or as result of a strategic realignment of the company.

The objective of business coaching is to support people in their professional development and to support them in recognizing their strengths and abilities and using them to be successful in the business.

Advantages for you when placing an order:

  1. 8 years of training and coaching experience
  2. High level of expertise
  3. Excellent industry knowledge
  4. 100% answer to all questions
  5. Sensitive attention to different personality profiles

My services for you: Training

  1. Dealer Management Training
  2. Sales Management Training
  3. Essential Sales Skills Training
  4. Professional Sales Skills Training
  5. Proactive After Sales Business Training
  6. Training Human Success Factor in the company
  7. Further trainings on request

All trainings are very interactive with numerous group discussions and exercises as well as in the case of sales trainings with video recording of sales talks and their evaluation afterwards.

The online development of a DISC personality profile is recommended in preparation for all trainings.

I am a certified DISC Potential Consultant of the German Institute for Sales Competence.

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